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We’re looking for great vocalists and lyrics writers. Seamless payments to you. No fee. Instant payouts.

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Singer at Vocalfy

Vocalfy gives me the opportunity to express myself. I'm involved in awesome projects and sing on music made by incredible producers. I love their concept of keeping everything so simple.

I produce every once in a while songs for Vocalfy in my spare time. Always great communication and clear instructions for my projects! Vocalfy also gives me the freedom to create something unique"

Finn Schaller

Producer at Vocalfy


Lyrics at Vocalfy

I feel like I'm in a very good company. I really enjoy working together with Vocalfy. Time is valuable, so they removed all unnecessary steps for artists that they can fully focus what they can do best: Singing, writing, producing music etc


You need to have a stunning voice or are good at writing lyrics. You don’t need to have a professional setup but we’d appreciate if you do. If you don’t have a good microphone, but we see potential in you, we will send you one of our great microphones.

We pay you for each project a fair price. Therefore, the projects are risk-free as you get for every project a flat fee and no commission of the released Vocal. We however pay bonus payments if a Vocal is really successful. On each project a whole team will work: producers, songwriters, singers, audio engineers and quality control managers.

You can decide how much you can work. If you want, we have projects for you on a weekly basis! If you are in vacation or need time for yourself, not a problem, you can easily let us know by changing your account settings.

Yes! It’s so easy. Either via instagram @vocalfycom , email or via our live chat. We usually reply within 24 hours (Even on weekends). That’s Vocalfy’s Premium Support.

If agreed by you, we will fully manage your Vocalfy profile, reply to clients requests 24/7 and manage orders. Since our agents are trained to sell and we optimise every part of the experience, you won’t have to do any work. By default, people can’t message you on Vocalfy but if you provide us your style of writing, an agent can do the work for you! You can fully focus on what matters most: singing

We pay you the agreed on flat fee. Vocalfy (if you are okay with it of course) will act on your behalf and can sell for a higher price than you get. By default however, this feature is disabled.